Best Planners in Malaysia

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Technology will never be able to replace the vintage appeal of a physical book planner. These indigenous labels, which have put their unique spin on the conventional diary, add to its attractiveness. You can use these planners for any reason. If you are working for a website design in Malaysia company, you can use any of these planners to jot down important notes. If you are planning to work out more, you use these planners to examine your progress and so on.

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  • Summorie x Jirayu Koo

This collaboration between Thai illustrator Jirayu Koo and Malaysian stationery firm Summorie combines geometric and abstract art with the structured world of planners and notebooks, urging one to get organised while surrounded by vibrant colours.


  • Perky Preen

Fazila founded Perky Preen in 2014, after designing wedding invitations and packing wedding door gifts. But, starting in 2016, she began creating customized yearly calendars. She teamed with RAD Culture, an independent education organisation on Instagram that routinely raises awareness on social injustice, for her 2021 planner. All six varieties of planners are 14.5cm x 22cm, and you can customise the typefaces in the tracker as well as the front of the book with your name.


  • Mossery x Whimsigirl

The Mossery x Whimsigirl 2020 planners include four magnificent drawn covers inspired by the bright hues of precious stones and natural rock formations. Additionally, their customize-it option lets you engrave your own name or initials.


  • Kertas&Co.

Kertas & Co. was established in 2019 and began by producing 2020 calendars. Their 2020 planner included a fun habit tracker where you could keep track of your social media screen time, morning stretches, beauty regimen frequency, and supplement intake. They have launched their 2021 plans, and the first 30 clients will receive complimentary goodies. You can also add your name to the front cover for free.


  • The dUCk Group

This 2020 planner is sophisticated and trendy, and it comes in two wonderful colours: bumblebee yellow and brilliant red. There’s also black if you want to go the traditional route. It’s only made hotter by functional additions like an envelope, a die-cut bookmark, and a magnetic clasp.


  • PlannerHut

PlannerHut has been producing yearly planners since 2016 and shows no signs of slowing down. They released three different planner designs for 2021, and you can even replenish the pages after you’re done. This calendar may be beneficial for observant Muslims because it includes listings of significant Islamic holidays, an ibadah checklist, Ramadan activities, a food planner, and sadaqah as well as Quran reading trackers.


  • Tudung People

Is it more abstract or floral? With pages dedicated to a prayer list, Ramadan goals, and inspiring messages, these unique planners from the fashion company can also help you become a better person.


  • Aqisbi Planner

Planner By Aqisbi is another planner that you can find handy if you’re a practising Muslim. Their calendars include an Islamic calendar as well as a spot for Muslim consumers to write in called “Letters To My Creator.” It also features a mutaba’ah amal part where you may monitor the consistency of your prayers as well as other religious practises like fasting, sadaqah, and reading the Quran. 


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