Gamblers in Comic Books

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Gamblers In Comic Books

Every protagonist needs an antagonist, right? Otherwise, it would be a pretty boring story, especially if it is a superhero movie. Now, there are quite a few villains in both Marvel Comics and DC Comics who have a connection to luck and/or gambling. 

Maybe because it represents the confusion and evolving nature which opposes superheroes’ consistency and reliability. Virtual sports betting, much like real gambling, is dynamic too!

On the other hand, from the time comic books first came into wide circulation, it could have emerged from the stereotypes about casinos.

Here are some of the gamblers that everyone just loves to hate in the comic book world.

  1. The Joker

He is another common adversary of Batman, in reality, he was the first super-villain encountered by our superhero/vigilante in Batman’s first comic book (1940), published by DC Comics. And although he’s not gambling that much, he stole his name from the joker playing card because after being disfigured, he looked like it.

The original Joker commits his crimes with a range of stylistic weapons such as a deck of razor-tipped playing cards, a poisonous known as the Joker Venom, harmful surprise jack-in-the-boxes etc.

  1. Gambler 

He is a fictional super-villain and a DC Comics Universe expert gambler, who first appeared in 1944 against Green Lantern. His alter ego is Stephen Sharpe III (original) and Stephen Sharpe V (successor), from a long line of gamblers. He actually adopted this name in his grandfather’s memory and started doing his evil by robbing trains and banks.

He was an expert of disguises, incredibly skilled with knives and pistols and he became a successful criminal as soon as humanly possible. Once he won a gambling vessel he provoked the horses to stamp into the crowds another time during a horse race. He went to Las Vegas at one point and lost every penny in the casinos because they had been rigged.

  1. Chance

Chance is an enemy of the popular Spider-Man superhero; this supervillain got his big first appearance in Spider-Man’s Web published by Marvel Comics. His alter ego is Nicholas Powell, a professional gambler and a very rich man who got bored with his life and wanted to become a hired criminal.

Since he enjoys gambling so much, he decided he would have to complete his task first in order to earn the reward instead of being quickly compensated, because if he failed that would mean he lost the bet, then he would have to pay the people who hired him. Working this way, he felt it was the only way he could give his life exciting meaning and actually make work interesting.

  1. Two-Face/Harvey Dent

Two-Face is an opponent of Batman, a fictional supervillain, appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. His alter ego is popular Gotham District Attorney Harvey Dent, who has always been passionate about betting.

Although there are many multiple variations of how Dent gets hideously scarred on his left side, he then adopts the character of Two-Face and becomes a criminal who bases his evil actions on the result of a coin flip.

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