How to Create an Enticing Garden

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Tricking People’s Eyes

You can trick the eyes by coming up with a sense of depth in your outdoor space. If you have a small garden, you can make it appear bigger and longer by slightly angling the walk’s lines inward. It will look longer and bigger than its actual size. This can also be done through a pergola or plant bed.

The Long View

Straight, long views can lead the eye. Create the longest straight line in your outdoor area, and then utilize it to your advantage. Straight lines are captivating, and can provide good direction to a garden design. This is not easy to incorporate, though. It is best to seek the help of an interior design firm in Malaysia.

Capturing the Beautiful View that Lies Ahead

Have you ever seen a Japanese garden? Japanese people utilize a specific garden design technique named “borrowed scenery” in order to make smaller outdoor areas more interesting. So, how can you borrow a certain scenery? You can do so by keeping the fence lower, or trim the hedge to a specific height, making you see over everything.

Learning the Important Principle of 3 Depths

Are you familiar with the words “middle ground,” “background” and “foreground.” Learn these concepts in order to separate the front area from the rear one, producing a captivating view. If you now are highly familiar with Asian landscape paintings, you already know about this. You can apply this in your own garden to improve the perceived depth, and then set a focal point.

Incorporating Curves

Each curve in a garden can create gracious air to a specific area. Trust me, you can’t force yourself not to follow it around. You can achieve this by laying a garden walkway and a plant bed in a playful line, as if inviting individuals to explore around. Furthermore, using a curved flower bed can mix both shape and color to make a space more inviting.

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