Reasons For A Lasting Relationship

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We believe that once we are in a relationship with our partner, we do not need to put in any effort since we are already with them, so why do we need to do anything? That is where we are wrong. Even when you are already in a relationship with them, both you and your partner still need to put in the effort to ensure your relationship can last longer. It is better to learn what you could do to have a lasting relationship than just believing that it will happen on its own. 

These are some reasons for a lasting relationship and it could be useful for you: 

  • Intimacy is really important for a lasting relationship. Intimacy helps in creating a bond with your partner. For example, closeness during sex is intimacy. Maybe you could get some sex toys Malaysia to help you create an intimate session with your partner because sex can help to create intimacy in the relationship due to you being vulnerable during it. A relationship without intimacy will be an unhappy relationship that leads to insecurity about your partner and yourself. This will eventually make your partner feel that you rather spend time watching all those movies you missed than spending time with her. 
  • Trust is one of the key factors that maintain a lasting relationship. There is no point in being in a relationship that lacks trust in your partner or your partner in you. This is because when there is no trust in a relationship, we hide our feelings or events that are happening in our life. For example, if you do not trust your partner in making a good decision or you stop them from seeing their friends, they might just go behind your back and meet them without ever letting you know about it. Not only that, your partner might even feel suffocated being in a relationship that lacks trust. This is because they have to hide things from you so that it will not trigger your lack of trust in them, which will lead to a fight between the both of you. There might be times when you or your partner might feel like the other person is not being trustable, but being controlling is not the solution. You need to be open about what leads to the trust issues and how you can solve them instead of arguing about them all the time. 
  • Communication is important for a lasting relationship because that is the deciding factor on whether there will be a conflict or happiness in your relationship. Poor communication skills such as often criticising your partner or saying sarcastic statements about them will lead to a conflict because negative feelings will be developed due to these forms of communication. On the other hand, good communication skills, such as praising your partner or explaining your side of the story in a calm tone during a fight, will lead to the development of healthy communication in a relationship. 

If you have never done this before, maybe now is the time for you to start on it because it is never too late to put in the effort to save what is worth saving. 

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