Scuba Diving Gear You Should Take Note Of Before Diving Into The Ocean

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This is one of the most extreme underwater activities you should not miss, especially for the adrenaline freaks! SCUBA stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, and it refers to the equipment that allows humans to breathe underwater. The air in the tanks is compressed air, thus it contains some nitrogen, oxygen, and maybe additional gases. Of course, it is better to be safe than sorry by taking padi diving, as this aquatic sport may also be harmful, with incidents of decompression sickness on the rise as a result of divers failing to take proper precautions. And that is specifically the reason why having the best diving gear is important for you to have an utmost experience in scuba diving while at the same time, keeping you alive as you leave the shore. 

scuba diving

Here are what you should wear under your wetsuit while scuba diving:


When worn beneath a wetsuit, fitted shorts are ideal for both men and women. Women’s bikinis or one-piece swimming suits are fantastic undergarments as well. They attach to the body so tightly that they do not move when you pull the wetsuit over your head. It acts as an additional layer of protection for the body’s skin against lower temperatures. You can also quickly put on and take off your wetsuit. When shopping for a diving short, make sure the fabrics are soft and comfy. The neoprene fabric is great since it is light and dense, giving you additional warmth. It is also easily stretchable and does not shrink when worn with a wet suit. Not only does it provides comfort, but safety as well.

Vests/Compression Shirts

Aside from diving, they can be worn for swimming, water sports, and even sunbathing. Just make sure to choose a vest made of a light, thin fabric. A compression shirt is ideal for male divers since it adds warmth to the upper body. You can even get one with a complete sleeve if that is what you’re looking for. Whichever makes you more comfortable to dive in the ocean later on.

Be Free!

When donning a wetsuit, wearing nothing at all eliminates a lot of complications, leaving you exactly more lightweight than ever in the underwater! However, this can lead to other issues, particularly outside of the water. Not every dive site provides a private or convenient changing area. Take this decision with caution – you do not want to be misunderstood about flashing to people, do you? 

Wetsuits are commonly worn by scuba divers because they help maintain body temperature and protect the body from the sun and other risks on the open sea. Even if the air temperature and surface temperature of the water are both warm, the further you dive, the colder it becomes. As a result, wetsuits are the norm, especially under them when you swim or dive. Consider these requirements before you decide to take any scuba packages Malaysia available.


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