Small Online Business Ideas

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You are interested in starting your own business? But you don’t know how and where to start. You don’t even know what business will you be starting? Well if you are lacking ideas on what business to start, here are some ideas on what items you can sell to make it your business


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During this pandemic, everything seems to be online from working to even learning. You should also start your business online so that it will branch out to people from different cities and countries. With today’s modern technology nothing seems impossible. You just have to know how to do it. 




Everybody loves food! Whether it is snacks like cookies or even heavy food like “rendang”. If you are a skilled cooker and everybody seems to praised every dish you make why not start a business out of it. Make a profit from your skills. If you are worried that your food might go ad during the shipping time, don’t worry! These days people are shipping all sorts of food to other people. From cakes to frozen lasagna, you can start small by posting it to a closer region, and once you are confident maybe you can start posting to different cities. 


Art craft


You love art! From painting to pottery you have the hands of God. People seem interested in your art and sometimes when you post your art craft they even dm-ed you to sell it to them. Well, what are waiting for? Start a business out of it, not only you will make your own profit people will acknowledge your art more. Make a specific design that will become your trademark. With this you will be able to create your brand and who knows maybe it can become something big. 


Bundle items


Thrifting is the latest trend now. From clothes to shoes and bags people are crazy to get them at thrift stores. But going to a thrift store and finding them can be a hassle for some people, wouldn’t it be great if we have an online thrift or bundle? Well, don’t we have them! There are a lot of online shops that sell thrift items. If you love clothes you can also start your own online bundle channel. Ask around what items they are interested in and look for them at a thrift store. Then you can sell it online, sometimes people that collect rare items will stumble upon your online shop and they’ll be interested in it. 




Due to the pandemic, everything is handled online, people are looking for laptops, tablets, and smart-phone. However, they couldn’t go outside to purchase these kinds of stuff. Well, this is where they will look for it online, and sometimes online gadgets can be fake. If you are good and have the knowledge of gadgets why not start a business out of it. Gain people’s trust by showing them your knowledge in gadgets and assure them that your gadgets are all originals. With this, they will become more confident to purchase from you because they know that you have the best gadget items for them. 


Start your own business no matter what it is. Yes, it is challenging, but if you are up for that experience and challenge why not? With the help of the best shipping in Johor Bahru, you can ship your items anywhere and you can expand your online business. 

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