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We have talked about how important it is to find your dream new home. We went through the checklist of things you definitely should bring along to your new home. Even after our endless checklists, organization notebooks, and double-checks, we still overlook a few things.

It is impossible to be perfect with our to-do list when moving. Moving is incredibly hectic and it certainly is not as easy as it looks in our favorite movies. You have to arrange your furniture, clean up the new home, find a place to sleep for the first night, work out the mailing address, and the list goes on. The moving day is a busy day but it is also the most exciting day of our lives. It embarks on our new journey and a fresh beginning for you and your spouse and family. After all, we are looking forward to making thousand new memories in the heart of Subang Jaya or anywhere you wish. 

Before moving into your new home, there are few things to look over. This is to ensure you have a lot breezier time and you certainly do not have to be the one making the list of things to do. We will guide you on your new exciting moving day! 

Before Moving In Strategize How To Arrange Your Home 

Before moving in the first thing we should do is tape up, measure the home, and figure out which one of your furniture goes where. Unfortunately, a huge portion of our moving day is not about the actual move but more about the arrangement of your bed, tables, and chairs. This is if you are moving into an entirely empty home. Even if you are moving into a home with furniture assembled, it is likely that you are bringing few things of your own. Go have a look before the final move and decide which goes where. This allows you to save time and money as well. 

Do You Have Electricity And Water (Maybe the heater as well)?

It is important to make sure you have transferred all of your utilities to your new home. Otherwise, you are only getting yourself trapped in the torture of a cold night. You need to make sure your new home has access to water and electricity and the utilities are completely transferred. 

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A Good Moving Company 

One of the biggest things that can make your moving day a hundred times easier is the moving company. While a moving company can be pretty expensive, it is not wise to skimp and settle for any random company. Since we are talking about belongings and essentials here, it is important to make sure the moving company is truly legitimate. You can take a look at the reviews on google and other platforms before making your decision. 

All The Necessities In One Bag 

The first night in your new Subang Jaya home is going to be met with both enlightenment and complete exhaustion. This is why we recommend that you pack a bag full of your essentials for the first night and day. This bag should include your toothbrushes, some clothes, charger, laptop, and anything you consider is a must-have!