It is important of choosing the right location for your devices in the house. In wireless mode, the further the device is from the router, the longer the delay before data packets are transferred, it makes sense. Malaysia’s best Unifi broadband plan service is essential in this case.

Malaysia's best Unifi broadband plan

The Choice Of Router

The router used can affect the speed of the connection. For example, if you pay for a 100Mbps connection and your router offers 54Mpbs throughput, you will never be able to enjoy the speed you are paying for.

  • With a higher speed router, transfers are done faster.
  • To be able to connect all your devices to it, opt for dual-band routers (2.4GHz and 5 GHz).

Look at the standard used to choose the most recent. You will find this info on the router, the standard is represented by a letter displayed after a series of numbers that looks like this: 802.11n. Avoid the a, b, g standards and favour the n or ac standards, the most efficient to date.

Column On Choosing A Router

Install Extenders Or WiFi Access Points

If slow speed or interrupted connection problems occur on the network with devices that are far from the router, you have 2 options to fix them.

The first is to use a wireless signal extender. This device that is plugged into an electrical outlet is responsible for relaying the wireless signal from a remote router. This results in a slight loss of speed, but it’s still a lot better than no signal at all.

The other option is to use a wireless access point, a device to which you must connect an Ethernet cable from a modem.

As this cable must also be connected to a modem or a router, it is sometimes not possible to use this option, although it is more efficient in terms of transfer speed.

  • The column on a Linksys signal extender
  • The column on a touchscreen signal extender

Other Tips And Tricks For A More Efficient Network

Disconnect configured devices from the network if you are not using features that require the Internet, including smartphones when browsing for investment watches, tablets, and handheld game consoles. Secure your network with a password to prevent neighbours from connecting to it.