Things You Have To Do Once Pandemic End

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Pandemic and covid-19 have really taken a big toll on all of us. We were forced to be at home and quarantine ourselves from the outside world. It is so tragic and causes a big catastrophe to the whole world nation. We all had to postpone our plans and wishlists till it ended. But it’s okay, till then all we have to do is be safe, quarantine ourselves, and hope that this ends as quickly as possible. To cope with this stress and boredom, you can plan or create a list of things that you could do once this pandemic ends, but if you have no idea to begin where, well keep reading cause here is a list of things you should do once the pandemic ends.

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Visiting Your Loved Ones

Of course, you will be missing your loved ones, it can be your family members, friends, relatives, grandparents, and basically anyone that you want to really meet. With covid-19 separating us from them, our only source of connection and engagement happens all through social media and zoom calls, and it’s definitely a different feeling when you finally meet them in person. You can even go on the date that you have been postponing, by dressing smart and knowing how to choose a watch that’s perfectly fit for your wrist?


Remember back in 2016 and 2017, where Coachella was a huge concert where people, from a-list celebrity to normal ordinary people around the world would go? Those band singer and celebrity concerts that you were always wanting to go to with your friends, well you can go once this pandemic is over. You can also enjoy dancing and losing your voice in those concerts.


This is a definite must, we all definitely can’t wait to get our passport and fly out of our country, and see the world one last time. Don’t worry, once the pandemic is over, you can pack your bags and start traveling, to any places you desire whether it’s Angkor Wat, which is in Cambodia, or Dallat in Vietnam, which you can use top forex brokers Vietnam for your currency exchange purpose.

Outdoor Activity

It must be very nerve-racking and stressful by working from home or having online class, or just by being at home. At first, it might seem fine, but after a while when the boredom kicks in, you just want to go out and walk. That is why doing an outdoor activity is very stress relieving and at the same time makes you feel productive and energetic. Since the pandemic is over, you can call your friends or family to join you for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or even a simple picnic day by the beach.


Last but not least, watching movies in the cinema. It’s not like we don’t have the alternative option of cinema, we can just watch it through our laptops and TV, but watching movies in the cinema gives a totally different vibe than just watching it from home. The excitement and euphoric feeling after getting the ticket and buying your popcorn, and sitting in the theatre sitting and watching it from the big screen with great sound effects.

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