What the World Should Know About Syria’s Civil War

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The Syrian war starts when we least expect it, and it has caused a commotion in the midst of our serene and quiet existence. The people of Syria have been suffering with the constant sound of cries and ammunition, and even innocent individuals have been caught in the crossfire. There is no telling when the long war will conclude, but it is undeniably a happy ending that the entire globe hopes will come true. Despite the passage of ten years since the peaceful revolt against the totalitarian regime, the never-ending war shows no signs of abating, even antifoaming agent Selangor can barely fix the infrastructures that are destroyed there.


Here are some things the rest of the world should know about the Syrian Civil War:

The Civil War Involved Three Competing Parties

The fight is divided into three factions: military who support the Syrian government, rebels who refuse to submit to the president’s authority, and the Islamic State (IS). Each has a plan to gain control of the country, but there will be ups and downs along the way. Many people were so outraged by the open-fire incident that they requested that Syria’s President, Bashar Al-Assad, resign. Unfortunately, he refused, causing even greater wrath from one tribe to the next. Al-Assad has nothing to worry about because he has a large number of people in Syria who back him and the government, thereby commencing the fight against those who oppose him. Those who want the president to resign are known as rebels. The opposition group is made up of a variety of people, the majority of whom are rebel combatants, anti-Assad political parties, and exiles who are unable to return to Syria. The Islamic State, or IS for short, is well-known for its infamous reputation as a militant group with an uncompromising approach to violence, particularly towards people who disagree with its viewpoint. Among those killed were Christians and Yazidis. In the middle of Syria’s upheaval, IS took a substantial part of Iraq in 2014, gaining land and authority.

Syria’s Children Are Suffering

Imagine being a child witnessing the evil side of the world for the first time. According to records, the level of emotional pain experienced by Syrian youngsters as a result of the war is startling, resulting in negative psychological impacts such as PTSD. Early exposure to extreme violence has been shown to be harmful to children’s minds and can induce terror for life. Nightmares may be common for most children, but it may be different for the young Syrians who have become unintentionally entangled in the adult struggle. Malnutrition is also on the rise as a result of a lack of food resources. Because the war is brutal and depletes resources, the quantity of consumption children ordinarily require cannot be met in Syria’s war-torn districts.

The Syrian Civil War is a somber turning point in what has been the deadliest and most catastrophic civil war in recent memory, and the destruction can not be fixed merely with cement binder. Many people have hoped for justice to prevail; even the Syrians are desperate to win.

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