Why The Elders Hate Technology With A Passion

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As the digital sphere expands and sweeps everyone along in its wake, we are forced to adjust ourselves to these changes to how the world used to work. However, it is hard to go against it when technology has been developed for the good of mankind. One of the main purposes is to help our lives become easier through the creation of electronic devices. Our smartphones have been such a permanent fixture in our lives that it is hard to imagine our life without them. We need them to communicate with each other, to guide us on the road, to help us in getting information and even in something small like checking the weather. We need softwares to help us in our workplace. It is hard to imagine how the presentation in the offices and classes will be without the aid of PowerPoint. The various features of software has helped ease our workload and saves time. Curious about software development and what exactly the people in the field do? Check out this network marketing software and learn more about them. 

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Coming back to our main point, technology has been around us for a long time already, it’s hard to imagine there will be people who dislike technology. However, it is logical that some of those who do are older people. Let’s see the reasons, should we?

No Experience With The Technology 

If we compare the massive use of technology currently to the era the elders used to live in, it will be like comparing day and night. It’s not even an exaggeration because it’s true that technology existed at that time, but not to this extent. They might use phones during their teenage years, but it’s not a smartphone that enables voice-command features or a more complicated system installed in it. We have to understand how difficult it is for them to digest all these ways of functioning the modern electrical appliances. Things that seem easy for us can be difficult for them, so they dislike the use of technology.

Refusal To Accept Changes

Another reason for the older people to hate technology is because they refuse to accept changes. Some of them feel like doing things the traditional way is a way of preserving the root of culture and replacing them with technology is an insult to their ancestors. For example, the art of handmade weaving is a cultural aspect that should be passed from the previous generation to the next. Modern machines created to mass produce the weaving products in factories where only a few people are needed to handle the machine are not approved by the elderly. They wanted the younger generation to learn how to hand-made them as it is a skill that is not easy to acquire. Thus, they refused to accept modernisation and insisted on doing things the traditional way despite it being time-consuming or difficult.

Disadvantages To The Body and Mind

It’s normal for us to be nagged about taking better care of our body and mind by our grandparents, right? They are very particular about constant health care and consuming traditional herbs to help us maintain our health. Technology introduces gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and laptops that we use constantly in our daily routines. The excessive use of these brings forth many health issues such as migraines, sight problems, lack of sleep and stress. Some of them even see technology as a distraction to our responsibilities and disrupt our peace of mind. Thus, the elders hate technology for creating appliances that affect our health and mind.

Last Words

In a nutshell, it is undeniable that some elders really hate technology and try their best to encourage us not to use them as much as we do now. Instead of insisting by having arguments, it is better for us to see everything from their view and work slowly to help them see the other side of technology. Put your chin up, youngsters, everything is possible if we work our way through it! 

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